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Sheridan-Kalorama Neighborhood Information

Sheridan-Kalorama Historical Association (SKHA)


The Sheridan-Kalorama Historic District is listed on both the DC Inventory of Historic Sites and the National Register for Historic Sites.  It's significant as a residential enclave characterized by buildings designed by locally and nationally prominent architects.  The Sheridan-Kalorama Historical Association works hand-in-hand with the DC Historic Preservation Office, the ANC, and S-K property owners to ensure that new construction and alterations to existing buildings, streets, and landscape are done in a manner determined to be compatible with the reasons for which the district was designated. Meetings are scheduled monthly as needed.

Kindy French, President & Review Committee Chair: (202) 332-8263,

Donna Hays, Vice President: (202) 265-5606,

Sally Berk, Secretary: (202) 253-7200,

Holly Sukenik, Treasurer: (202) 332-2952,


Sheridan-Kalorama Neighborhood Council (SKNC)

For more than 50 years the SKNC has served as the neighborhood association for Sheridan-Kalorama, working to preserve and enhance the area as a desirable residential community.  It opposes the encroachment of non-residential uses and addresses other neighborhood issues.  SKNC dues finance legal challenges to chancery expansions and the non-residential use of buildings.  This effort continues as the Council works to further define zoning for diplomatic use.

Chris Chapin, President:

Doug LaBossiere, Treasurer:


Friends of Mitchell Park (FOMP)

Mitchell Park is THE place to find children playing, adults relaxing and pets romping...all enjoying some quiet in an inviting grassy landscape. S-K's largest green space is tucked in between S Street and Bancroft Place, 23rd Street and Kalorama Square. The park provides playground equipment, a multipurpose court for basketball and other activities, a large open field, picnic tables and benches for relaxing. Plantings and trees are maintained by FOMP through the generous support of S-K residents and neighbors. A regular newsletter provides information and updates on special events in the park as well as notices involving construction and maintenance issues.

Pierre Wagner, President:

Holly Sukenik, Vice President:



Call Box Project


Click here for map of the call boxes


Who knew? Antique (and abandoned) police and fire call-boxes can be reconstituted to create public art and reveal some local history. And that is just what a committee of S-K residents did. Results? Look around as you walk the neighborhood. Those burgundy boxes with accents of real gold invite you to pause and savor some original art while learning more about aspects of our neighborhood's history. There are sixteen restored call-boxes and each composition describes something about our history, architecture or notable individuals who lived in the neighborhood.

Rob Nevitt, Chair:

Phil Baker, Past and Founding Chair:

Holly Sukenik, Treasurer:



Spanish Steps Preservation Project and Endowment Fund


This impressive historical architectural landmark serves as a focal point of the Sheridan-Kalorama neighborhood. The Foundation, which works with the Department of Parks and Recreation, supports efforts to preserve the unique character of the steps and the adjacent Decatur Terrace.  The group’s Endowment Fund seeks neighborhood contributions to assist with their efforts to maintain and improve the steps. 

David Bender, President:

Holly Sukenik, Treasurer:

David Deckelbaum, Secretary:


Restore Mass Avenue


The mission: To rebuild the canopy of major trees and promote the park-like landscape that made Massachusetts Avenue a world attraction a century ago. This volunteer-run group has arranged for the planting of more than 330 new trees along Mass Ave between Dupont Circle and 34th Place above the Naval Observatory. To date some 70 owners of historic properties, including about 30 foreign embassies, participate in the program by adding new trees and caring for city trees along the street. But large, bare patches remain. The giant old trees are at the end of their lives and must be replaced. The group educates and engages stakeholders and others around the city by social media, a new web site, and a new book, A Grand Avenue Revival: Massachusetts Avenue Landscape History & Design Guide.


Deborah Shapley, President:

Holly Sukenik:

Claire Wagner, Treasurer:


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